Starvation Heights: A True Story of Murder and Malice in the Woods of the Pacific Northwest

In 1911 two wealthy British heiresses came to a sanitarium near Seattle to undergo the revolutionary fasting treatment of Linda Burfield Hazzard. It was supposed to be a holiday for the two sisters. But within a month of arriving at what the locals called “Starvation Heights”, the women were emaciated shadows of their former selves, groaning in pain, waiting for death.

It was in this house in Olalla, Wash. that Claire Williamson breathed her last breath.

Williamson had fallen into the hands of Dr. Hazzard, a woman of extraordinary evil and greed who would stop at nothing short of murder to achieve her ambitions. Her story is told in Starvation Heights by acclaimed author Gregg Olsen, it’s a true crime story and a haunting saga of medical murder set in an era of steamships and gaslights.

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