Olalla Music Americana Festival

The Festival will return in 2024.

The one-day festival features local and national music artists, great food trucks and regional fare, artisan handmade arts and crafts, old time craft demonstrations, local breweries featured in the beer garden, a variety of activities for children, and the legendary Berry Pie Baking Contest; all in the village of Olalla; a true idyllic setting.

The Olalla Americana Music Festival (OAMF) is a long standing event in Kitsap County. It began in 1991 as the Olalla Bluegrass Festival founded by the board of Directors of the Olalla Community Club. As its popularity grew over the years, it represented a larger opportunity to showcase the Americana genre from many talented individuals and groups in the communities of the Pacific Northwest and across the United States. Thus in 2016 the festival was re-branded as the Olalla Americana Music Festival, and, with its new name, began to shape its future as an entirely volunteer run music festival providing a full day of community engagement against the backdrop of American musicians and artists.

Visit the Olalla Music Americana Festival website to check out photos and footage from previous festivals.